Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're married!

Sonia and I were married In Hartford, Connecticut on August 16 in an intimate ceremony with all of our extended family in attendance. The reception was held at the home of Sonia's uncle Benjamin. It was the first time in many years that all of my children and all of my brothers and sister were together at the same time. We enjoyed eating lots of Peruvian food and listening to Latin music.

We left Hartford with a car full of Sonia's clothes and the top layer of our wedding cake on ice in a cooler. (We'll let you know whether it still tasted like cake when we try to eat it next August 16). We drove all day Monday to Canada and spent three days there visiting Niagara Falls and the Welland Locks, and sampling some local food like Guiness Beef Pie and poutine (french fries with gravy and cheese), and the best barbecued ribs that Sonia has ever tasted (of the two times that she has tried them). We each gained a few kilos.
Niagara Falls is very impressive, and the falls on the American side of the border are the largest and pretties (but of course you need to be standing in Canada to see them). The Canadian dollar has now almost matched the US dollar in value (95 cents), so almost everywhere -- except of course the US border crossing -- the exchange rate is 1:1.

We also spent a few days on the coast of Lake Huron but never did find a beach that was sandy enough to go wading in the lake. We arrived home on Saturday exhausted but happy that we had been able to visit some places that neither of us had been.

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