Sunday, December 23, 2007

Traveling With My Daughter

My daughter Marta recently finished her student teaching and took a break from her North American routine to visit me in Peru for a couple of weeks. We calculated that we spent a total of about 100 hours riding on buses! Fortunately a large part of that took place at night. Our longest single trip was the return from Cusco to Lima, which lasted 26 hours.

After spending a day getting to know Chorrillos, we took off for Huaraz, making tours of several towns and parks in a high mountain valley between the two mountain ranges of Peru. We visited Pastoruri, a popular glaciar at 5000 meters above sea level that is melting rapidly and expected to disappear within eight to ten years.

We found time to visit a zoo in Lima, and Lucy and Walter´s project in Lurin, too, where Marta taught the kids a way to create a simple biographical poem.

Marta managed to stay healthy during the trip (with an occasional dose of ciprofloxacin) but finally succumbed to a bug when she got back home. :-(

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