Monday, November 20, 2006

Water for San Genaro -- part 3

I had another meeting with the neighbors on Wednesday and told them that SEDAPAL had approved the installation of the pilón. I brought a long two notebooks, one for recording meeting minutes and decisions and another for accounting, and told them the time had come for them to take ownership of the project and form a committee to administer it. They elected a president, treasurer, secretary and a vocal (whose only responsibility apparently is to call together the neighbors when they need to have a meeting).

They quickly put together an estimate of about $100 in materials that would be needed to bury a pipe from Fredi´s house to the control point where SEDAPAL will install the connection, about 100 meters away. Each family agreed to contribute their share for materials and to help dig the trenches on Sunday morning at 6:00 am. I arrived around 7:30 to take some pictures. By 11:00 they had finished everything except the installation of the faucet and a brick enclosure to protect it. They decided to hire an albañil (professional craftsman) to do that work. We expect that sometime this week SEDAPAL will turn on the water, and we´ll inaugurate the pilón by breaking a bottle of champagne over it.

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