Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My First Publication In Peru

I´ve been taking photos and writing design documents in Spanish for all of the various devices that I´ve created (most of them adapted from other people´s inventions) so that anyone can build them. And after Sonia corrects my grammatical errors, I´m planning to publish them in a couple of places on the internet where ¨stove geeks¨ like me hang out.

Recently I noticed that one of the newspapers in Lima frequently publishes designs for wood-burning ovens and ideas for starting businesses or saving money. They even published a design for a biogas generator using guinea pig poop! So I emailed them the design for my solar water heater about a month ago. Since they never responded, I figured they weren´t interested. Then today my landlord showed me the front page of the newspaper, and there was my picture of the solar water heater on my roof! On page seven they published the steps for building it. The rest of the article (list of materials, principle of operation, suggestions for adapting the design) will be published tomorrow.

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