Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three Homes In Three Days

The Canadian teachers went home yesterday after spending three days with us helping to renovate a couple of houses. We divided them into two teams, and Sonia interpreted for one team and I for the other. It was Sonia´s first experience serving as an interpreter, and she did very well.
The teams worked very hard, and accomplished more than I expected, so that we were able to begin roofing a third house, which my friend Freddy and I finished the next day.
On the last day, we all went back to my neighborhood to eat lunch at a benefit for the family who lost their house to the fire.
And the team decided to donate a gas stove to one of the families that has eight children and was cooking its meals over a wooden fire.

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Ajay said...


In the group photo with your Canadian teachers the photo is enlarged on clicking it. It would be so nice to connect the faces with names if you could caption them. Three homes in three days is great progress.