Monday, August 07, 2006

La Señora Eufemia

Eufemia is one of the señoras who helped us to make tamales the other day, and she´s one of the women whose house we´re going to be working on when a team of twelve Canadian teachers comes to visit this week. Her house is in pretty good condition compared to others in her neighborhood, but it´s small for her family and consists of just one big room. So we´re going to build some internal walls with doors, and add a small room on to the back of the house. These are some pictures of her house, and of her neighborhood.

We´re also going to make similar modifications to another house in the same neighborhood (San Genaro, about five minutes from where I live), owned by Señora Maria Luz, who has five children living with her. Her house is much more humble, with a dirt floor. I´ll be going there tomorrow with some friends to level the ground where we´ll be working, so that it´s ready for building when the Canadians arrive. They´ll be working with us from Thursday through Saturday, and then they´re going to San Juan Lurigancho to work with another project which teaches job skills to physically and mentally handicapped people in the most heavily populated district of Lima.

This is my friend Roger, a civil engineer who donates his time drawing up plans for us whenever we have building projects.

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