Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Week With Some Canadians in Cai Cay

I just got back from Cusco, where I spent a week with a group of Canadian students involved in Global Youth Network (, which coordinates month-long trips to countries as diverse as Peru, Kenya and Burkina Faso for students who want to experience the reality of those countries from the perspective of the people who live there. They typically participate in lots of discussions and volunteer work In this case, I arranged for their participation in the construction of a community workshop at an Una Familia project in Cai Cay, a small town (population 1,000) about an hour from Cusco. We spent most of the week hauling adobe bricks by wheelbarrow from the field they were being produced up to the location where the workshop is being built. We managed to haul 850 of the 4,000 that were being produced, and the group generously donated $400 which should cover hauling the rest of the bricks and erecting the second story of the workshop.

I had lots of photos to share, but my backpack was stolen in the bus terminal as I was leaving Cusco, and I lost my camera, passport, and some other things. So it may be awhile before I post any more photos.

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Ajay said...

Hey Jim,

Two occurences of stealing in two postings! You got to be more careful with your stuff while moving around in these Third World countries. God Speed!! Keep publishing with or without photos.