Thursday, July 07, 2016

In search of whole wheat flour

Ah!  Organic whole wheat flour, freshly ground an hour ago!  Who would have thought this possible in Lima?

I love to bake, and I prefer whole wheat flour because it's healthier than white flour.  My search began on the internet, and turned up only opinions about where it might be found in Lima -- in high end supermarkets, at organic food fairs, etc.  I searched all of the nearby supermarkets, and stores that sell "healthy" things like granola and yogurt.  I asked friends who have lived here their entire lives, but no one had any idea.  I even asked at a bakery if I could buy a few pounds of whole wheat flour from them.  Their response confirmed that the "whole wheat bread" that they sell is not whole wheat at all, but is made with white flour to which a little wheat germ and bran has been added back.

So I was thrilled when Sonia (who always manages to find what I can't) turned up an article in the newspaper El Comercio that contained a guide to health food stores in Lima.  Among them was a bakery called The Seven Dwarfs that is just a few blocks away.  

The Seven Dwarfs - German Ecological Bakery
It's owned by a German family, who imports wheat from Germany and grinds it every morning to make whole wheat breads and pastries -- baguettes, loaves, strudels, and many others.  They also sell honey, various kinds of oil, and yogurt.  And it's the only store I've found here that offers paper bags instead of plastic ones.  

Now, back to my baking.  I'm going to try several types of bananas to see which ones make the best banana bread.

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Karrolinha said...

Adrian here, was recently looking into visiting Peru, Im completely inspired by your blogs.