Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Independence Day Celebration

I invited my friends to a North American style barbecue last weekend to celebrate the independence days of both countries. (Peru´s independence day is July 28). I had hoped to serve BBQ ribs, but quickly discovered that no one sells slabs of ribs, only chopped up ribs with a very thick slab of fat, which are deep fried in more pig fat to make chicharrĂ³n, generally considered the tastiest way to prepare pork in Peru. A few stores sold prepackaged ribs already marinated in barbeque sauce, but they were charging about $5 per pound, way beyond my budget. So I bought a bunch of chickens and some bratwurst, and made cole slaw (one Peruvian cabbage is big enough to make cole slaw for 25 people) and bread rolls. I made a lot of extra rolls to have some left over, but they were all gone by the end of the afternoon.

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